Wednesday, December 17, 2008

vision, finals, home

so i havent been here in a while
but i have a perfectly good reason:
i dont know about anyone else but it has been a hectic last few weeks
i had vision night on December 7th, which is where i got introduced to the congregation of the church as the new senior high youth pastor.
I also got pizza rubbed in my hair and my neck and my shoulders......
i wont say anything else
i had finals: which is where i spent most of a good three days in front of a computer screens typing about 25 pages of papers that were due in a matter of two days
that was just dumb.
now i am home, and i came home on an interesting weekend because i came home to a house without power from an ice storm that hit my area a few days before i got home.
So now i am at home and i am enjoying it
missing my beautiful fiance
seeing old friends
its a good time
so i will hopefully get on track to start typing some more

sorry friends

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

listen to the wind......

Today while i was in chapel i listened to one of the most talented and amazing preachers i have ever listened to
Dr. Robert Lowery of Lincoln Christian Seminary.
Dr. Lowery has had more life experiences, good and bad, than most people.

He preached on something that is very hard to understand sometimes.
John 3:8 says this " The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the spirit."
this message is very hard to understand
Dr. Lowery was able to put in terms that everyone was able to understand.

The part that really pissed me off about this sermon was that, i wanted to say the same thing this past week at youth group.
I searched and searched for this verse and i couldnt remember where it was for the life of me.
I think that God has a a way of blowing the wind in the direction that we are going to go.

I have lived a life that has been back and forth, and up and down. I dont know when exactly i first felt the wind blow in my life, but i have a few examples.

When i was in high school, i went to many parties and did things that i probably should not have done. When i decided to give my life to ministry, the first step and the first time i felt the wind in my life was when i gave up that life to start a new one. I felt the wind blow
When i was in college i got one of the best experiences of my life by two internship summers that i was able to connect with students, and adults and mentors that i still have to this day. I felt the wind move in my life then when the wind blew to where God wanted me to go.
I have found someone in my life that makes me happier than she will ever know. I love her more than anyone i could on this earth. The wind blew to her
I have now received an opportunity that will lead me to where i will be in the next ten years of my life. The wind is blowing

In my life the wind has blown, and blew and is blowing. Guiding me where i may go in life, guiding me to the one i love and want to spend the rest of my life with, and guiding me in my walk with Jesus.

The wind is a powerful thing, it can blow you to places that you did not expect. It can give you a life experience that you may have never thought that you would ever get to do in your life.

Listen to the wind, watch it move the branches, watch it move and change lives.

Where has the wind blown in your life?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

what does it mean to have pure Joy?

so, Pure Joy. What does that even mean?
Is it when you are captivated by something?
Or maybe its when you are apart of something that brings you so much happiness that you cannot even contain it?
Or maybe it could be when you first allow yourself to be truly loved and cared for.
What about when something bad happens, but in the long run it brought you joy for it came out good? is that considered pure Joy?
I wonder if being a Christian is pure Joy? I mean think about it. You are following after someone that you cant see, hear, touch, or feel. Can he bring you pure Joy?
what about sin? I feel like sin can bring many people pure Joy? It might not always come in the right way or it might not always be right. But doesn't it bring pure Joy to some?
How is pure joy defined in life? Is it different for every person? Or can than be one thing that can bring everybody pure joy into there lives?
Money? Love? Sex? Music? Alcohol? Drugs?

before you go start spreading a rumor about me questioning my faith, or thinking that i am this depressed person. That is not true. I have been thinking for the past few days on what in life can bring someone pure joy. What can make someone so happy that it can change their outlook on life or how they live their life. There are few things that I have come up with. 1) Joy is something that is found in all different ways and when found in the right way, it is one of the most satisfying things you will ever find in your life. 2) Joy can change someone. In every aspect of their life, joy can change someones attitude, dress, fun capability, everything in their life can change. 3) Joy is not something that lasts for 2 seconds and then is gone. Joy is something that is lasting and makes a lasting impact on your life. 4) Joy can lead to you being one of the best witnesses for Christ that you can be. I say that because not only when someone is happy and joyful, it is seen, people start to ask questions. And when you answer with something that has to do with your faith, or with you believing in Jesus. That sparks thought in other peoples mind. 5) There is no one thing that can bring everyone joy. Except for one thing... Believing in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. 6) I don't know if i contradicted myself in that last point or not. 7) Joy can be found many different ways.

So what brings me Joy:
on a personal level: My Lord and Savior, and how much he impacts my life. Another is the relationship i have with my fiance. I don't think that i would be the person that i am today, without her in my life.
Ministry drives my life. It may not always make me happy all the time, but when i get to see a teenager being baptized, or confessing something, or just coming to the realization of something in their life. I love being with teens when they make decisions for their life, or when they are asking questions. I just love being with teens and guiding them along in life.
Another thing that brings me joy is sports. I always joke around with people that i want to be playing golf when i am 95 years old. I don't know how many of them take me seriously, but i will tell you this, Sports, especially Golf, brings me joy every time i indulge in them. Golf is one of the most fun things that i do in my life, and i will never let that up.

So i hope i cleared up any thoughts that i am a depressive person, or i need sin to give me pure joy. Maybe you didn't even think that and that is a good thing.
What brings you pure joy?
Peace and Love
2 John v 4 " It has given me great JOY to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us."
3 John v 4 " I have no greater Joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

so what about politics

well we have a new president. Barack Obama
and thats really all i have to say about that.
Ill be honest, i did not follow the election that closely. I think that politics are very hard to get into because i usually hear bad crap about both parties. I hear very little good things about both party's. that kind of draws me away from the whole politic arguments.
I do want to say Good luck to our new president, and i hope that he does a good job in office.
But i will also say, that since i did not know enough about either candidates, and i did get my absentee ballot, i did not vote. If i did vote, i couldnt tell you who i would vote for. So i am not going to write about politics, just good luck to the new president.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

mcdonalds and a bus full of soccer players

So i have been playing soccer this season for my college
im not 100% sure on how many trips that we have been on, but it has been a lot
we are coming to the close of our season this week, as we get ready to go off to Michigan to play in our regional tournament
this trip is going to not only be fun, but it will be the last sport trip that i take in my college career
for some reason it doesnt seem to phase me, is that a a bad thing?
i dont know but i am ready for soccer to be over, not a bad way, but i am ready to spend more time working and getting ready for the life that i will be starting in May
the one thing that i will miss about soccer season is going to be the mcdonalds trip that we have had after the games
every time something rediculous seems to happen
like when the only girl that is on our team acciddently farted and now she has the nickname "thunder"
like i said Rediculous
any ways
soccer is coming to a close, and i have lost about 20 pounds
thats a pretty good time if you ask me

Friday, October 24, 2008

the drive went way left!

so i was thinking the other day about the sport of Golf.
Now for those of you who know me well, i love to play golf, it is definitely one of my favorite sports of all time.
I was thinking about how golf can teach us a lot about life, and it has a lot to with different aspects of life.
for example:
Patience: for those that have played golf, you know that if you do not have patience you will most likely never be able to play this game, because it is slow and really frustrating. Although, when I think about it, i had very little patience before i started playing golf. But as i continue playing, i can see how much more patient i am now. Now i dont want to say that I am amazingly patient, but i am learning and part of that is due to golf.
Concentration: there is no other way that i can think of, when it comes to how i have taught myself to concentrate more other than golf. Golf takes a lot of concentration and a lot of focus to play 18 holes. like patience, your concentration can go fast, and when that happens it can lead to getting frustrated and giving up. Concentration from golf, has helped me concentrate more on school, and concentrating on the things that are important to me.
Dedication: this is one of the big ones. my friend Ryne put it this way: " its the complete oppostie as riding a bike, you cant play on day and then expect to play just as good a month later". I think he is completely right when it comes to golf, you have to play golf a lot to get better at it. Golf is a game of repitiion and remember how to swing each club, and each shot. it takes a lot to be a great golfer. Tiger Woods, arguably the best golfer ever, hits about 1,000 golf balls a day, maybe more. Talk about dedication. I can get sick of golf by the time i am done with a round of 18. Life demands dedication. Dedication to school, family, friends, work, spouse, and most of all God. I think that through my love for Golf, i have learned to be more dedicated to my Lord and Savior, and the dedication i have has led me to want to grow deeper with my Relationship with him.
Fun: Golf is Fun. no doubt about it, maybe th game will get frustrating, but the game of golf is fun. you get three of your buddies and you go out to a course for 4 hours and you just have a blast. It slows you down, your friends down, and it allows you to enjoy life. I think there is few times that i have gone out with my father golfing, and have not enjoyed it. Usually the only time i dont enjoy it is when i am getting beat by him, but that doestn happen anymore, haha. I love golfing with my dad because we have so much fun together. It has helped my dad and i grow to where we are today and i wouldnt change that for anything.
those are probably the big three that Golf does for me.
I dont know about you, but sports can teach me a lot about life and how to deal with situations when they arise.
so next time you are playing any sport, stop take a minute, and think about a few things:
do you love playing this sport?
thank God for giving you the ability?
What could you learn from it?

Above all else, go out and have fun! Get out and enjoy Life!

Monday, October 13, 2008

does this call for break?

so the last few weeks have been ridiculous for me
i dont think i have been so tired, overwhelmed, and confused.....o wait i think i was some of those things this summer.
anyways, i have been in this battle with trying to decide where i am going to go after i am done with school in May
well it peaked this week
for some reason amanda and i are confused at how we have one offer that is almost undeniably amazing, and at the same time we have another offer that is undeniably amazing also. So we have been thrown for a loop because we just dont seem to know what God wants us to do. Which is hard since we are wanting to plan what we will be doing by the end of the month.
But i will say that we have 2 places that we are looking at hard
so hopefully soon, we will be able to make a choice on where we are going to go
so i have had school, work, soccer, wedding planning, internship, fiance, parents, friends, homework, studying, reading, a spiritial battle of somesort
so does this call for a break?