Wednesday, December 17, 2008

vision, finals, home

so i havent been here in a while
but i have a perfectly good reason:
i dont know about anyone else but it has been a hectic last few weeks
i had vision night on December 7th, which is where i got introduced to the congregation of the church as the new senior high youth pastor.
I also got pizza rubbed in my hair and my neck and my shoulders......
i wont say anything else
i had finals: which is where i spent most of a good three days in front of a computer screens typing about 25 pages of papers that were due in a matter of two days
that was just dumb.
now i am home, and i came home on an interesting weekend because i came home to a house without power from an ice storm that hit my area a few days before i got home.
So now i am at home and i am enjoying it
missing my beautiful fiance
seeing old friends
its a good time
so i will hopefully get on track to start typing some more

sorry friends

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

listen to the wind......

Today while i was in chapel i listened to one of the most talented and amazing preachers i have ever listened to
Dr. Robert Lowery of Lincoln Christian Seminary.
Dr. Lowery has had more life experiences, good and bad, than most people.

He preached on something that is very hard to understand sometimes.
John 3:8 says this " The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the spirit."
this message is very hard to understand
Dr. Lowery was able to put in terms that everyone was able to understand.

The part that really pissed me off about this sermon was that, i wanted to say the same thing this past week at youth group.
I searched and searched for this verse and i couldnt remember where it was for the life of me.
I think that God has a a way of blowing the wind in the direction that we are going to go.

I have lived a life that has been back and forth, and up and down. I dont know when exactly i first felt the wind blow in my life, but i have a few examples.

When i was in high school, i went to many parties and did things that i probably should not have done. When i decided to give my life to ministry, the first step and the first time i felt the wind in my life was when i gave up that life to start a new one. I felt the wind blow
When i was in college i got one of the best experiences of my life by two internship summers that i was able to connect with students, and adults and mentors that i still have to this day. I felt the wind move in my life then when the wind blew to where God wanted me to go.
I have found someone in my life that makes me happier than she will ever know. I love her more than anyone i could on this earth. The wind blew to her
I have now received an opportunity that will lead me to where i will be in the next ten years of my life. The wind is blowing

In my life the wind has blown, and blew and is blowing. Guiding me where i may go in life, guiding me to the one i love and want to spend the rest of my life with, and guiding me in my walk with Jesus.

The wind is a powerful thing, it can blow you to places that you did not expect. It can give you a life experience that you may have never thought that you would ever get to do in your life.

Listen to the wind, watch it move the branches, watch it move and change lives.

Where has the wind blown in your life?