Friday, August 22, 2008

travel=strange thoughts

so i finished my internship
it was amazing!
i dont think that i could ask for a better summer
but there is a weird thing that i had to go through again....
for some reason you hear people talk about how much you learn in college, and all the information you will need will come much when you are in college.
well let me tell you something, for some reason, i almost disagree
i think that you learn a lot, very much while you are in school
real ministry, is completely different than what you will learn in school. real ministry can only be learned when you are doing real ministry. its weird to think that how much knowledge that is being punched into our heads but it seems like i have learned this summer and last summer from doing ministry.
i have learned how to deal with situations that i dont want to be in, i have learned how much i love to preach, i have learned to connect with students that i could never think about connecting with, i have learned how to plan a huge outreach event, i was put in charge of a high school trip that i was not planned on being charge of, i had to comfort people for some interesting things, i have held more high schoolers why they cry for odd reasons,
it was an amazing summer of learning and of fun and crying
ill admit i cried like a little baby the night before i left
but there is some other interesting feelings, i have had them before but it is just different this time
for all that i want to be back at school, and how much i love being with my friends, and being back in the midwest to learn more
but for some reason the only thing that i can really think about, other than being sore out of my mind and my feat feeling like they want to explode, is going back to royersford PA, and be with that group of students thati fell in love with all over again this summer,
all i can think about is evan getting ready to make a decision to go to college,
i think about the girls and playing their sports and rocking it out at soccer
i think about little lauren going to florida sometime
i think about the rizzutos and how that big fat one made me actually cry and i love him very much for it
i think about darin and how much i miss him and how much i love him, i love you bro
everything in me is wanting to go back and see and be with everyone
but i know that God has brought me back here for a reason and i think it is to learn, and to gain as much knowledge as i can to go back to somewhere and bring the knowledge i learn to the students wherever i go.
i love everyone at CCV and i cant wait to hopefully return to royersford soon and for a long time
peace out

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

you just got punked!

so saturday night a friend and i decided to be mischievous.
we went into unwatered territory and went after someone who is so protective of his car, he probably doesn't like to get it wet for any reason.
we went after our friends silver honda civic, maybe its gray, i dont know but we went after it
we had 6 rolls of 200square feet of shrink wrap, so we debated for a little while at how much to use, we brought out half of the sticky wrap
we went to town we both took a full roll and started to run around the car covering the doors, the side mirrors, the windshield and the back window.
we covered the sucker, it was awesome
now we were about to get another roll, when we saw the door start to open, and little did we know, there were a couple of students that we both knew in the house along with the owner of the car. so we bolted out of there, and drove back to the hideout.
well at the hideout, i decided to hang out with my beautiful girlfriend for a little while, and in no less than 45 minutes, my partner comes and tells me " they got your car"
i was kind of perplexed and said "what do you mean they got my car"
"just come down and look at your car with me"
so i got up and my girlfriend and i followed my partner down to my car
and when i got outside i did not expect to see what i saw
thousands, of post it notes, all over my car everywhere even my license plate got postit noted.
i was absolutely amazed when i first saw the car and job that was done i was incredibly................. taken back by how someone put that many post it notes on my car
after taking the post it notes off, not only did i start to think of who did, but i really wanted to congratulate the people who did it, as well as started to think of ideas that we can do to get them back.
i got punked!

Friday, August 1, 2008

second oppurtunuties

so here i am 9 weeks into an internship i never thought that i would have come last may
let me tell you something
it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life
i work with one of the most talented, and knowledgeable staffs i can think of in all the country
i have learned so much from my coach this summer that i dont think i would ever imagine of learning
i have worked with 4(thats for you alex) incredible interns that have been a blast to work with
i have developed a best friend relationship that i did not think i was going to develop
i have loved working with the students, and all the conversations and the questions, and even though some times were rough and some times were great, and some were right in the middle, all of it was worth it and i have enjoyed every minute of it.
i have grown to love the people here more and more every day by how they continue to welcome and love not only myself but my girlfriend also.
the people here are amazing and i would love to come back and continue doing life with them for a long time.
thank you so much for everyone here
for the oppurtunity, the love, the laughs, the community, the learning, the encouraging, the teaching, and just the experience
thank you so much

with love