Saturday, June 21, 2008

swimming and campfire

swimming and campfires to me are to of the most relaxing yet satisfying things that i do in my life. some of the best time to connect with people your own age and maybe students or younger friends have happened around a campfire or while being in the pool.
a friend of mine was telling me about one our mutual friends who started a ministry in bar or pub like place out in seattle. Now to me that was the coolest idea to start a ministry in that kind of a setting.
so in the thought of pools and fires, why not start a small group, or just even maybe a group of people getting together and talking about deeper things in a pool or around a campfire?
i think that could be one of the most influential things is some peoples lives. it seems like most of the people that i hang out with around a campfire or in a pool, talk the whole time, why not make that time a growing and a learning time?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Beginings

so i am in the third week of an internship that 7 weeks ago i didnt know existed for me to be apart of. Seriously! 7 weeks ago my life literally flipped upside down.

April 27- This was the morning i was planning on leaving for a week and half vacation in the UK with my family. as i was sitting on my girlfriends floor in her house waiting for her to get ready to go to the airport my phone rings. It was my brother, and i got super excited to talk to him since i was about ready to hang out with him for a week and half. " yo wat up brotha" is what i said to him, my brother didnt seem as enthused to talk to me. Whats wrong is all i could think about, katie dumped him, he got fired, i didnt know, but when i asked him i couldnt believe what he told me. My mentor, friend, one of my Paul's, was leaving. matt decided to go to Mountain Christian Church. Let me tell you something, i dont think i have ever felt my chest deflate in sadness so fast. as the conversation went on, my brother told me that kevin and brian were wanting to offer me an internship for the summer. what i didn't realize is that they would call literally 30 seconds after i hung up the phone with my brother. as i talked to kevin on the phone, i didn't really know what to think, i was just flowing with so many emotions. i was excited, sad, confused, upset, fearful, really anything you could think of, i was feeling it. as amanda was doing her hair, i walked up the stairs into her bedroom, and she immediately could tell that something was off. i told her the whole deal, and she just said " i guess we are going to philly".

may 5- i am back in st louis, after vacation and as we are driving back to school, i talk to a man named frank. frank is this guy at ccv that is an adult director, and he is going to be the guy overseeing the interns. i still had not said yes or no, but i was very highly considering it. frank put a lot of ease in my heart when i talked to him, he told me that he wanted me to make the decision that is best for me, and not for anyone else. now up to this point, no one has really said that to me, most people were just assuming that i was coming. frank put a lot of ease in my mind to make this decision for me and not for other people. frank in the end helped me make the right decision and that was to go to ccv and become a ccv intern.

june 25- even though we were in the car together for 19 hours, amanda and i were laughing, loving each other, having fun and we decided 15 hours into our trip to stop at ccv. we walk in to the church and we interupt the 5 oclock meeting. it was kind of funny. we hung out and said hello to some people, and then headed off back to my house. as we were driving to my house we were talking as well as myself thinking about the 3 that i would be working with this summer.

mj- mj seemed like she was going to be the task oriented, and organized one of the 3 of us. i was right on the money. she is exactly like that. i also was excited to see how she would speak and connect with the students and i was very excited to get to know her better since not really getting to when we first met. after 3 weeks of the internship, mj has been awesome, she has allowed myself and adam and april to be ourselves but has kept us on track and having us get stuff done.

april- haha, thats exactly what i thought. april is the girl that is always happy, and laughing and fun to be around. so that was what i was thinking. i was exactly right. she is awesome to have in the office, her encouragement, laughter, and just fun spirit, is awesome to have around. i am very excited for her talk and her growth this summer

adam- adam was one that i didnt know what to think about at first. he did an internship last summer with CIY, and that kind of intimidated me. i didnt know what to expect when it came to how adam and i would mesh together and whether or not we would butt heads with ideas or anything. let me tell you though, i was dead wrong. i love adam, he is fun, hillarious most of the time, we have a good time together and we work very well with each other. i am very excited about becoming closer friends and barnabi together.

by the way i just want to get this out there also. i love matt silver and his family. they mean a whole crap lot to me and i dont think i would be who i am and where i am today if i did not have them in my life. i miss them and love them, congrats on nathan, and i hope to see them soon. good luck silvers, i along with the other interns love you very much.

so three weeks in, i am pretty happy that i have made this decision, and i can not wait for what the rest of the summer will bring.

peace out..........