Wednesday, September 24, 2008

honesty and God

so what is it about good preaching, thoughts, and a prayer virgil that sparks thoughts in your head. maybe its the fact that you decide to pray for an hour, at 3 oclock in the morning.
I mean think about it, i will be praying and possibly sternly talking to God when some people will be getting up to start the day. Does that make any sense?

let me say this
for some reason even though i will be up late, i believe that there are some times in your life, that you need to be up late and talk to God.

tonight i herd a sermon, and the topic was how we need to be honest with God, and stop beating around the bush with him. I guess for some, it could seem like a pretty easy and straight forward topic. but for some reason it seemed to hit a nerve. not only does it seem like a lot of people i meet are not honest with God, it seems like they almost want to hide from what they are really thinking. why would people even want to do that because, lets just be honest, if God is who God really is, then doesn't he already know what you are thinking?
i guess i needed to hear that with what i have been thinking about
i have a lot on my mind right now:
bad moments

i just have so much on my mind and for some reason i need to just be honest with God
he knows what im thinking, but i need to be a man and go to him with honesty and humbleness and ask him what the heck is the deal right now?
so tonight when some of you are waking to start the day or those of you who may start the day after i go to sleep
pray for me
pray for yourself
pray for your friends, collegues, family
pray that they will all have honesty, and will have the courage and the guts to go to God and be honest, knowing that he is waiting for you to go and talk to him in an honest fashion, like a son to a father.
he is waiting
go be Honest with him

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

what is the purpose of blogging?

is there a strict purpose for blogging?

i guess i may not understand the idea of blogging

when i look at other person's blogs, people leave comments, they have a certain point of attack in their writing

but what is the point of a blog?

to just get there message out there?
to talk to other people?

i guess i just dont know
maybe someone can let me know so that i can start writing a more effective blog in a way
that people will read it more, or will talk back to me

let me know
peace out

Friday, September 12, 2008


here are some questions that i have been thinking about since i got back to school:

how do you know where God is calling you?
what is your earliest memory of God?
How is you spiritual life?
what is hardest for you to have a continual relationship with God?
what does it mean to be a real men of God?

those are some, some of them have come from one of my classes, but they have got me thinking
what are your answers?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

kajmir and cigars

so its funny thinking about how long it has been since i have done this
but im gunna give it a try

a couple of weeks ago i was at a wedding of a very good friend of mine and we had his bachellor party at this ridiculous mansion that was in his hometown and let me tell you something that night was amazing

we had a lot of laughs, we had a cigar, we had something to drink, and well we had great conversation

some of the funnest conversation i have had in a while, it wasnt who i was with, or where we were, but it was the topic of discussion:

name an actor, and then think of his best and worst movies
that was it simple, easy

let me tell you though i didnt think that it would last untill 2 oclock in the morning we literally talked about actors and movies for like 3 hours
it was rediculous
but there is something to me about having those conversations because it makes me think about the fellowship that we had that night, it may not have been spiritual talk, or a bible study, or someone convicting someone else, it was a nice easy conversation that really brought us together as friends.

i think in some ways that is almost just as important sometimes than just talking spiritual all the time. not too say that i do not want to do those things because i do, but sometimes it is nice to just sit around a mansion and talk about movies( you dont really need the mansion though)

so i ask you this question
name one actor and tell me the best movie and the worst movie they have ever done.
peace out

Monday, September 8, 2008

so here is the reason

so for evans sake, i am going to let you in on a little secret:

my compter is broken! and i feel left out and unconnected to my friends elsewhere and it is sucking the big one!

so that is why i have not been bloggin as much as i wish i could
but hopefully tomorrow i will be receiving a computer that i can use until i hopefully get myself a macbook
love you all

peace love and fat albert