Monday, October 13, 2008

does this call for break?

so the last few weeks have been ridiculous for me
i dont think i have been so tired, overwhelmed, and confused.....o wait i think i was some of those things this summer.
anyways, i have been in this battle with trying to decide where i am going to go after i am done with school in May
well it peaked this week
for some reason amanda and i are confused at how we have one offer that is almost undeniably amazing, and at the same time we have another offer that is undeniably amazing also. So we have been thrown for a loop because we just dont seem to know what God wants us to do. Which is hard since we are wanting to plan what we will be doing by the end of the month.
But i will say that we have 2 places that we are looking at hard
so hopefully soon, we will be able to make a choice on where we are going to go
so i have had school, work, soccer, wedding planning, internship, fiance, parents, friends, homework, studying, reading, a spiritial battle of somesort
so does this call for a break?


Barbara said...

well - I think you know exactly where I pray you will be! btw - did that honesty thing with God - thank you for gently nudging me

PS - come home!

Adam Flora said...

Dude...give life a break. It's not meant to be like this. Sit back and enjoy it for a breath... like really enjoy it!

But what do I know, I'm busy as crap lol. I miss and love you brother.