Friday, October 24, 2008

the drive went way left!

so i was thinking the other day about the sport of Golf.
Now for those of you who know me well, i love to play golf, it is definitely one of my favorite sports of all time.
I was thinking about how golf can teach us a lot about life, and it has a lot to with different aspects of life.
for example:
Patience: for those that have played golf, you know that if you do not have patience you will most likely never be able to play this game, because it is slow and really frustrating. Although, when I think about it, i had very little patience before i started playing golf. But as i continue playing, i can see how much more patient i am now. Now i dont want to say that I am amazingly patient, but i am learning and part of that is due to golf.
Concentration: there is no other way that i can think of, when it comes to how i have taught myself to concentrate more other than golf. Golf takes a lot of concentration and a lot of focus to play 18 holes. like patience, your concentration can go fast, and when that happens it can lead to getting frustrated and giving up. Concentration from golf, has helped me concentrate more on school, and concentrating on the things that are important to me.
Dedication: this is one of the big ones. my friend Ryne put it this way: " its the complete oppostie as riding a bike, you cant play on day and then expect to play just as good a month later". I think he is completely right when it comes to golf, you have to play golf a lot to get better at it. Golf is a game of repitiion and remember how to swing each club, and each shot. it takes a lot to be a great golfer. Tiger Woods, arguably the best golfer ever, hits about 1,000 golf balls a day, maybe more. Talk about dedication. I can get sick of golf by the time i am done with a round of 18. Life demands dedication. Dedication to school, family, friends, work, spouse, and most of all God. I think that through my love for Golf, i have learned to be more dedicated to my Lord and Savior, and the dedication i have has led me to want to grow deeper with my Relationship with him.
Fun: Golf is Fun. no doubt about it, maybe th game will get frustrating, but the game of golf is fun. you get three of your buddies and you go out to a course for 4 hours and you just have a blast. It slows you down, your friends down, and it allows you to enjoy life. I think there is few times that i have gone out with my father golfing, and have not enjoyed it. Usually the only time i dont enjoy it is when i am getting beat by him, but that doestn happen anymore, haha. I love golfing with my dad because we have so much fun together. It has helped my dad and i grow to where we are today and i wouldnt change that for anything.
those are probably the big three that Golf does for me.
I dont know about you, but sports can teach me a lot about life and how to deal with situations when they arise.
so next time you are playing any sport, stop take a minute, and think about a few things:
do you love playing this sport?
thank God for giving you the ability?
What could you learn from it?

Above all else, go out and have fun! Get out and enjoy Life!

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Adam Flora said...

Good post Brendo... Ps. Although I sucked last time we went golfing (my first time) I had a blast!

You also followed these directions very closely...
Patience: You had patience waiting for me to swing 15 times until I hit the ball.
Concentration: You had to concentrate on where my ball went, because I had no idea.
Fun: You had fun watching my lack of ability!

Way to not just talk about it, but live it! heh.