Thursday, November 6, 2008

so what about politics

well we have a new president. Barack Obama
and thats really all i have to say about that.
Ill be honest, i did not follow the election that closely. I think that politics are very hard to get into because i usually hear bad crap about both parties. I hear very little good things about both party's. that kind of draws me away from the whole politic arguments.
I do want to say Good luck to our new president, and i hope that he does a good job in office.
But i will also say, that since i did not know enough about either candidates, and i did get my absentee ballot, i did not vote. If i did vote, i couldnt tell you who i would vote for. So i am not going to write about politics, just good luck to the new president.


Tina said...

Hopefully as you get older, you will become a little more interested in politics. I know when I was younger, I felt very lost and confused (still do sometimes) because I didn't know what to believe. It's really easy to lose sight of the issues when there is so much mudslinging going on.
But it really is important and the older you get, the more you are affected by the decisions that are made by politicians.

Brendon Foulke said...

ya i agree
i think come next election that i will want to follow the candidates more closely and i think i will
i just started to late this time and i was way lost
hopefully i will learn more from you guys when i come out there
thanks Tina

Adam Flora said...

Deep post bro. heh.