Sunday, November 9, 2008

what does it mean to have pure Joy?

so, Pure Joy. What does that even mean?
Is it when you are captivated by something?
Or maybe its when you are apart of something that brings you so much happiness that you cannot even contain it?
Or maybe it could be when you first allow yourself to be truly loved and cared for.
What about when something bad happens, but in the long run it brought you joy for it came out good? is that considered pure Joy?
I wonder if being a Christian is pure Joy? I mean think about it. You are following after someone that you cant see, hear, touch, or feel. Can he bring you pure Joy?
what about sin? I feel like sin can bring many people pure Joy? It might not always come in the right way or it might not always be right. But doesn't it bring pure Joy to some?
How is pure joy defined in life? Is it different for every person? Or can than be one thing that can bring everybody pure joy into there lives?
Money? Love? Sex? Music? Alcohol? Drugs?

before you go start spreading a rumor about me questioning my faith, or thinking that i am this depressed person. That is not true. I have been thinking for the past few days on what in life can bring someone pure joy. What can make someone so happy that it can change their outlook on life or how they live their life. There are few things that I have come up with. 1) Joy is something that is found in all different ways and when found in the right way, it is one of the most satisfying things you will ever find in your life. 2) Joy can change someone. In every aspect of their life, joy can change someones attitude, dress, fun capability, everything in their life can change. 3) Joy is not something that lasts for 2 seconds and then is gone. Joy is something that is lasting and makes a lasting impact on your life. 4) Joy can lead to you being one of the best witnesses for Christ that you can be. I say that because not only when someone is happy and joyful, it is seen, people start to ask questions. And when you answer with something that has to do with your faith, or with you believing in Jesus. That sparks thought in other peoples mind. 5) There is no one thing that can bring everyone joy. Except for one thing... Believing in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. 6) I don't know if i contradicted myself in that last point or not. 7) Joy can be found many different ways.

So what brings me Joy:
on a personal level: My Lord and Savior, and how much he impacts my life. Another is the relationship i have with my fiance. I don't think that i would be the person that i am today, without her in my life.
Ministry drives my life. It may not always make me happy all the time, but when i get to see a teenager being baptized, or confessing something, or just coming to the realization of something in their life. I love being with teens when they make decisions for their life, or when they are asking questions. I just love being with teens and guiding them along in life.
Another thing that brings me joy is sports. I always joke around with people that i want to be playing golf when i am 95 years old. I don't know how many of them take me seriously, but i will tell you this, Sports, especially Golf, brings me joy every time i indulge in them. Golf is one of the most fun things that i do in my life, and i will never let that up.

So i hope i cleared up any thoughts that i am a depressive person, or i need sin to give me pure joy. Maybe you didn't even think that and that is a good thing.
What brings you pure joy?
Peace and Love
2 John v 4 " It has given me great JOY to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us."
3 John v 4 " I have no greater Joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."


Jenster said...

Great post, Brendon!!

Here are my two cents and I have nothing theological to back them up. :o)

I don't think any type of sin can bring joy. Joy isn't fleeting. Happiness is fleeting. So the drug high or the sexual promiscuity or whatever might make a person happy for a moment, but it doesn't bring them joy.

When I look back over my veeeeery long life (because I'm so old) I can see every single thing that has ever brought me true joy has been a gift from God. A happy, secure childhood with great parents; a deep love and respect for the man who would become my husband; a fun and happy marriage; the birth of my children; watching my kids play together and giggle; and that's just scratching the surface. But I don't believe those circumstances are what caused the joy. God gave me the joy in each of those circumstances and I say that because I had profound, inexplicable joy when I went through the worst year of my life. So how does that happen?? lol

Brendon Foulke said...

I think that is amazing!!
On your question it has to be God working in your life and you knowing that he is going to take care of you. even though you may have been in a rough time, you just knew that it was going to be ok. But i dont know

Tina said...

Here is my very well thought out and profound response.
Joy can be fleeting.
I felt pure joy when the Phillies won the World Series.
I'm just sayin!

Brendon Foulke said...

you would say that tina