Wednesday, December 17, 2008

vision, finals, home

so i havent been here in a while
but i have a perfectly good reason:
i dont know about anyone else but it has been a hectic last few weeks
i had vision night on December 7th, which is where i got introduced to the congregation of the church as the new senior high youth pastor.
I also got pizza rubbed in my hair and my neck and my shoulders......
i wont say anything else
i had finals: which is where i spent most of a good three days in front of a computer screens typing about 25 pages of papers that were due in a matter of two days
that was just dumb.
now i am home, and i came home on an interesting weekend because i came home to a house without power from an ice storm that hit my area a few days before i got home.
So now i am at home and i am enjoying it
missing my beautiful fiance
seeing old friends
its a good time
so i will hopefully get on track to start typing some more

sorry friends

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